My Mission

In addition to my photography, I am also a Level 1 Early Childhood Educator! Spending time with the children under my care is a highlight to my day. This is why I chose Children + Family as my focus:)

I hope that when your family comes for your session, your children feel comfortable enough to just have fun! I keep things low-pressure, and guide your children with suggestions rather than demands (because what child really knows how to react when a stranger tells them "SMILE!"??)

As a lifestyle photographer, it is easy to just go with the flow. I aim to not only create images your family will love for years to come, but to create a fun memory for your family as well!

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My Vision

I've been doing photography for over 8 years, and am so excited to use my expertise to bring you personalized art for your home!

The customized art you will receive is a beautiful way to not only personalize your home, but to capture milestone memories that will pass you by all too soon.

My dream is for everyone to have images from their childhood that they can look back on years down the road that give you that warm nostalgic feeling.

Why don't I just provide digitals?

Photography is an art form. If you are paying a professional photographer to take high quality images of your family, there is so much more potential for your images than just taking up storage space on your phone. When your images become art, you can see and appreciate them every single day!



I was born in a small town in Saskatchewan, and lived there until I was 15. That's when my family moved to Calgary!


I LOVE exploring Calgary's hidden gems for food and fun! If you're ever looking for a recommendation, just ask!! I love supporting our local businesses!


My husband and I got married in December 2020, and adopted our dog Sammy in October 2021! (follow me on Instagram to see pictures of Sammy @tamzen.jade:)