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3 Things I Love About Baby Photos

One of my absolute favourite genres within family photography is baby photography! It's important for so many reasons to capture this fleeting time in you and your baby's life - and it's so much fun! Here are my top three things I LOVE about taking newborn and baby photos:

1. Capturing Connection

Believe it or not, capturing the connection between you and your baby is often easier now than it will be as they grow. Toddlers move fast and aren't always focused on being lovey-dovey. Some children and teenagers feel awkward in front of a camera (though I always do everything I can to alleviate the awkwardness and make it fun!).

Babies really just wanna soak in your love, and I really just want to capture that for you!

2. Capturing the Details

In every newborn and baby photoshoot I have done, I always make sure to capture the details. Their little fingers and feet are sooo tiny right now, I am in awe every time I see them 🥺 It's so easy to forget how tiny they are in the first year of their life, but especially in the first few months! I love capturing the details of their petite size so that you can always look back and remember how tiny their feet and hands used to be.

3. Capturing Memories

Have you heard of the studies that suggest having photographs displayed in your home of your children helps boost their self-confidence? If you think about it, it makes sense.

Adults who have lots of pictures of themself as a baby and child know that capturing memories of their lifetime was important to their parents. And seeing pictures of yourself displayed in your parents home shows you they take pride in showing you off and want to see your face every day!

I am so happy to live in a time where images are easily accessible to us - we can easily take photos and videos of our children anywhere, anytime. The little moments you capture on your cell phone are so important - but don't forget to hire a professional to take photos of the whole family once in a while too! The baby pictures I treasure most of myself as an adult are the ones where my parents are in them, and I don't have too many of those. I love that as a photographer, I am ensuring you have your memories of the whole family for your sake AND for your baby's sake decades down the road.

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