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Best Places for Photoshoots in Calgary | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

People often ask me which locations I recommend for their photo session. It's a big city, with lots of new places to explore, and tons of hidden gems!

These are my top three favourite places in the city:


At the top of my list is East Village! There are so many beautiful wall murals and breathe-taking architecture so close together. Just across the intersection from where we took this image is an underpass full of bright, fun murals to use as backdrops.

One block the other way is Central Library, and one block in another direction is the famous Upside-down Church-- both of these provides beautiful scenery for your images.

It is close to train stations, and there is always parking to be found nearby!

If you're looking for bright, unique, urban surroundings in your photographs, then East Village is definitely the place where we can make that happen!


For more iconic Calgary scenery, the Bow River is one of the best spots in Calgary!

When I do photo sessions here, I have my clients meet me outside a coffee shop that is a short distance from Peace Bridge. It is within walking distance from the train, and there is always parking easily available!

We start with a couple photos at Peace Bridge, then work our way down the wide walking paths. Then, we make our way down to the river for some photos there!

Plus, if we have lots of time, it is easy to start here and work our way down to East Village if you'd like to use both locations!

Click the video for a short clip of one of my photo sessions along the river!


Another popular location because there is so much varying scenery within a small radius!

Fish Creek provides the natural look and feel that many people love to have in their images. There are plenty of trees, long grassy fields, and old buildings and fences.

It is hard to believe that we have such a large provincial park right in our city!

There is plenty of complimentary parking at Fish Creek.

When I'm looking for a more rural look instead of the urban look, Fish Creek is always the first location on my radar!

These are the top three locations I recommend to all my clients. Calgary is great for providing a good mix of urban and rural surroundings!

Where is your favourite place to go for family photos in Calgary?

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