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But what if I want all the digitals? | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

Many people believe that all they want or need from their session is the digitals because this is the most common form of photo delivery in the industry today.

What many of my clients have realized, however, is that after a couple weeks or a couple months, all of these photos end of mixed in with the mass amounts of other digital files that they have on their computers or phones.

By hiring me as your family photographer, you'll be receiving high quality, custom wall art for your home. You will be able to see and enjoy beautiful images of your family every single day.

PLUS, using images of your children as art around your home is an amazing way to boost their self-esteem!!

Don't worry, digital files are still available to you when you book me! But you photos deserve more:) Take your family portraits out of your phone and into your life with Tamzen Jade Portraiture.

Seniors Photographer Calgary

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