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How To Pick Your Family Photos Outfits | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

Remember when family photos meant the whole family wearing white (or black) t-shirts and jeans? Or was that just my family? Lucky for you, that is a thing of the past!

The benefit of the matchy dress code, though, is that it kept wardrobe planning very simple. So, now that we're moving beyond such trends, you may be wondering how to pick outfits for yourself and your children for that upcoming photo session. Read on for my best advice on how to create a beautifully coherent look in your family photos!

Think about the purpose of your session:

Your colours and style will ultimately pivot on this point: if you're simply getting photos to share on social media, and to use on your phone and computer, the colours and style that you go for can be pretty flexible. If you plan on getting a photo album, again colour and style remain very flexible! However, if you know you are getting wall art from this session, think about which room(s) that art will be in. Unless you already know you want black and white art, you will want to have the colours and style of this room in mind as you consider each further point.

Consider the location of your session:

The location where you will have your photos taken is just as important to keep in mind as where your photos will end up! Consider what kind of colours will be in the background of your photos: if you're planning a session in downtown Calgary to integrate wall murals, there will already be lots of bright colours in your images. If your session will be in Fish Creek Provincial Park, the background may have lots of greenery and neutral colours. Consider styles which will coordinate with your surroundings, and as you move on to the next step remember that you want to compliment the background-- not compete with it! The location will also help determine your style: an urban setting is more appropriate for streetwear style than a grassy field!

Create your colour palette:

With your session's purpose and location in mind, pick 3-4 colours which will suit the space your images will occupy. In other words, if you are getting wall art for your living room, ensure the colours you select are colours already present in your living room, or coordinate with the colours in your living room. Your colour palette should have colours which all flatter each other, and should also have some contrast (i.e. both light and dark colours). When in doubt, stick with a mix of neutrals, since they'll work with any space!

Selecting your outfits:

Each family member should wear something different, but each piece they wear should fit the colour palette and decided style. Picking outfits that are already in your closets helps to ensure that everyone is wearing something they're comfortable in, and something that's unique to them! As you select outfits, place them side by side so you can visualize how they'll look together.

Avoid pieces that have characters, logos, or busy patterns (including plaid, small polkadots, paisley, etc). Textured fabrics are often much more appealing than printed fabrics!

If you're shopping for all new pieces, I recommend finding a store where you can buy everybody's outfits in one stop. The main reason for this is because their seasonal collections most likely already coordinate!


A great way for each member to show off their own personality and stay coordinating is through accessories - scarves, wraps, ties, necklaces, etc., are a great way to further style your outfits.

And there you have it!

Once you have booked your session with me, feel free to reach out at any time if you'd like to discuss your family's wardrobe! I am more than happy help you achieve that perfect ~stylized~ look!!

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