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Product Spotlight: Signature Storyboards

One of my favourite new products I've started offering this year are Signature Storyboards!

These are a great way to showcase several of your favourite images from your photo session in one frame. They are large enough to have impact, but small enough that that can fit on most walls and shelves. These are perfect for all types of sessions, including newborn, family, and seniors! I have one from my engagement photos, one from my wedding photos, and plan to keep adding to the collection with each milestone 🥰

A wide variety of frames are available for Storyboards, making them easy to customize to fit the style of your home.

The small Storyboards are a 3-series, meaning they feature 3 images.

Measurements are 10x20 (inches.)

The large Storyboards are a 9-series, meaning they feature 9 images.

Measurements are 16x24 (inches.)

If you want a Storyboard of your own, book your phone consultation with me today!

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