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Why I Focus on Wall Art and Albums | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

Photography has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. First, we saw the switch from film to digital. Then, smart phones became the norm and now everyone carries a digital camera in their pocket.

This led to a change in the photography industry. When film was the norm, your only option was to get physical copies of your photos. Now, in our digital era, "shoot and burn" photographers have taken over the scene. This term refers to photographers who will give you lots of digital images for a small, flat fee.

When I see photographers online who promote their shoot and burn services, I honestly feel bad for them, and I feel even worse for their clients. Here's why:


Here's an honest question: why do you want to hire a photographer? You, and probably 99% of the people you know, own a digital camera (probably multiple digital cameras!). Tripods and bluetooth remotes are easily found if you want to take your own images for free.

You hire a photographer for their expertise!!

As a family photographer, I know exposure, lighting, how to make you and your family feel comfortable in front of the camera, all the individual pieces which come together for composition (perspective, depth of field, negative space, filled space, awareness of background, etc., etc.). Then there is the various softwares required to cull and edit these images once they've been taken, and so much more to the overall process.

Most people understand at least some level of expertise involved and know that if they want high quality images, the best way to get these results is to hire a photographer. But when you hire a shoot and burn photographer, you're only using a small percentage of the expertise that could be available to you.

Okay, but what does that have to do with digital images and wall art?

I'm glad you asked. Here's my next question for you:

What do you plan to do with all those digital files your photographer just sent you?

What many people realize after they're paid a photographer for a bunch of digitals, is that many of these images end up tucked away in a file folder on their computer, or mixed in with thousands of other photos on their phone. They'll pop up on your Facebook memories once a year. I have this problem too! I have plenty of photos that I love and cherish but don't get to see very often.

Why would you hire an expert to do a partial job for something you'll only use once? To look at and love your ima

ges for a couple days, maybe a couple weeks, before they become lost into the digital void?


You family photos are precious. They capture important moments in your life that will pass by before you know it. Treat them as such.

When your family or child's photos become wall art, they are out loud and proud on display in your home where you can see and enjoy them every. single. day.

Plus, there is nothing like hav

ing your own customized art in your home. Your wall art is uniquely yours, and no one in the world has the same pieces filling their walls that you do.

Okay, I agree that wall art is a good idea, but what if I just want the digitals so I can print them off myself at Walmart?

Here's my promise to you: you will notice a much higher quality in your wall art from me than you will from any previous images you may have gotten from Walmart, Staples, etc.

As the expert, it is my job to make sure your images look as amazing as they possibly can, and part of that is manipulating the image file for colour correction and exposure, then sending it for print at a professional grade lab.


Trust me when I say that I do understand the value of digital files. I have these as my wallpaper on my phone and computer, my profile picture on Facebook and Instagram, and more. I love having beautiful images to share with my friends and family in this way.

So, I do offer a solution for my clients who would like their images for these same purposes: for each image you purchase as wall art or include in an album, you will also receive a small digital copy.

Small digitals appear perfectly on our computer and smartphone screens, and it also means they take up less storage space. I keep the high-resolution files with me, so they're available if they're ever needed again.



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