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Why I'm a Photographer | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

Until recently, photography has always just been a hobby for me. My mom would take me along on her photoshoots when I was old enough to start using a camera on my own, and I would take scenic photographs of places I visited. Some of my favourite trip memories have really only stuck with me because of the pictures I have!

I decided to make the shift to family photography about 9 months ago. I knew before then that I wanted to start working as a photographer, but I wasn't sure how to niche down. As I thought more about who I wanted to serve and why, I realized that family photography was would suit me best for a couple reasons.

I work part time in an after-school care program. I looove working with kids, and creating meaningful relationships with the children in my care. I am currently working with grade 3's and 4's and we have so much fun playing grounders, making crafts, and playing board games together! Last school year, I worked with kindergarteners, which was also super fun!! I realized that if photography is going to become my full-time job, and I'll have to step away from my job in childcare that I love, I don't want to lose the fun interactions I get to have with kids:)

Being a family photographer means I get to bring the excitement back to family photos! Some kids dread getting their pictures taken. And it shows in the images- they look stiff and uncomfortable. But I knew because of my experience in childcare that I can do this better! I create my sessions with your children's comfort and ease as a top priority. I like to frame this as an adventure rather than a photo session.

I have also come to realize just how important photos are for our memories. Like I mentioned before, so many moments would be lost if we didn't have an image to capture it. And it's not just for our own memories' sake, but for sharing those memories with others! People who can't be there. People who will be important in our lives someday but haven't been born yet. People who are too young right now to remember how you looked at this point in their life.

I have chosen to specifically focus on providing tangible art to my clients rather than only the digital images because of this as well. Digital images are important to have, I can't deny that. But they also get lost in the sea of other digital images (I have over 6000 photos on my phone- how about you?). At the end of the day, your beautiful family deserves to be front and centre-- so place those photos in a space where you can see and enjoy them every single day!

I have photo art in every room of my house because I believe it's important. And even though I already have some, I'm always planning where I can fit more! To read more, here's my article on Why I Focus on Wall Art and Albums.

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