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Why You Should Have a Gallery Wall | Calgary Family Photographer

Updated: May 8, 2022

Gallery walls are such a fun way to showcase your favourite images and family moments! They can contain a handful of images that are all the same size, or a mix of big and small art. If you're considering a gallery wall for your home, read on for my top reasons for why you need one!

They Make a Statement

I think each gallery wall says something about the people it belongs to. Some walls are very uniform and symmetrical looking. When I see this, it suggest to me that you're very organized and minimalist. Other walls have a lot of different shapes and sizes of frames. This suggests that you're creative and like to have fun experimenting with things! Whatever your preferred style is, it's a great way to put your personality on display:)

They Can Go Anywhere

Gallery walls are so flexible in more ways than one-- and one of those ways is where you can put a gallery wall! You can put it along the stairs, they're a great way to fill up big, empty walls, and are also a great way to fill up a small wall that just looks like it's missing something. Even if you already have lots of art in your home, there's definitely somewhere in your home that's waiting for a gallery!

They're Easy to Change Up

Let's face it-- just because you love it now doesn't mean you'll love it forever! Sometimes we get bored with our home decor and it's time to switch things up- sometimes it's a full on reno, and sometimes it's as simple as rearranging what you already have. The great thing about gallery walls is that when that time comes for a change, it's easy to do! You can take the pieces and rearrange them on the same wall, or you can move a few pieces to another place to make space for new pieces, or you can completely disperse the current art throughout your home and have a blank wall ready for a complete makeover!

After my husband Marcus and I got married, I knew I wanted a gallery wall of our wedding photos on the landing of the stairs in our home. As I was in the process of ordering photos, I changed my mind last minute of what I wanted. Now, even though I've only had this gallery wall for about a month, I'm realizing I need to switch it up to what I originally wanted, and that's okay! It just means I have more art to move to other bare walls around our home:)

The Options are Limitless

Seriously, just search Pinterest for "gallery wall" or "gallery wall ideas" and, like, a million results will come up. Take a look around for some inspiration! The most popular look seems to be frames - often the same frame for each image hung in a grid. But there's also some more creative walls, with a large variety of shapes and sizes. You can make your gallery wall look however you want it to look- draw some inspiration from online and then make it your own. Have fun with it!!

If you're planning a gallery wall, what inspired you? If you're still hesitant, what's holding you back? Let me know in the comments!!

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